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Host profile: Mistah Shofi

Mistah Shofi is a marketing turned communications major at Fairleigh Dickinson University (who also works in a grocery store produce department), whose music tastes range from all corners of cultures. He listens to hip hop, classic rock, r&b, jazz, and lots of instrumentals, which is what his show is about.

For the most part, Shofi is a high-spirited person that likes to chill, play video games (and record them), and ride around on his Rip Stik G, aka the conversation starter. 

What Mistah Shofi wants to do is share the vibes of the Chillhop genre, and even spark some conversation in between the music. And just like he says in the beginning of his show: "Grab a coffee, or a tea, grab a seat, and unwind with me".

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